HarrisJones Advisory guides Canadian family business owners toward actionable wealth transfer strategies.

For owners looking to transition their businesses, the end goal is often crystal clear. However, the path forward rarely is. Complications can include family dynamics, a myriad of assets, and multiple jurisdictions. Laws and regulations can trip you up … and present opportunities. 

With his knowledge of federal and provincial tax, succession, trust, family, insurance and bank laws – and the interplay between them – Harris Jones uses the applicable regulations to your advantage. He helps you create the most direct and cost-effective route to your destination.

Our Process

Our customized, comprehensive services provide clarity on:

Where you are today with respect to your estate.

Where you want to be.

Options to get you there.

We sit down with you at the outset, and as often as necessary, to gain a clear understanding of your starting point and your desired outcome. This is key to successful planning.

Our job is to provide you with the information you need to make informed choices. We identify strategic and tactical options and recommend the ones we think would work best. At all times, you remain the decision-maker.

Once you have decided, we help implement your plan. We recommend periodic reviews to ensure the plan is working as intended.


There is no such thing as an “off-the-rack” succession plan. The strategy HarrisJones Advisory recommends will reflect your unique characteristics and circumstances, as well as those of your business and beneficiaries.

We consider all your assets and liabilities, both current and contingent. As a family business owner, your most important business asset is your shares in the company. This is the most complicated asset to transfer and requires careful planning to maximize its value.

Your personal assets (houses, cottages, boats, cars, artwork, collections, etc.) also require some planning to transfer and may affect your decisions on how to distribute your estate.

Our holistic approach goes beyond simply dealing with the features of your business as they exist today. Anticipating future events that could threaten your ability to reach your desired outcome, we suggest enhancements that can be made now to ensure success. Built-in agility means your plan can respond to future changes in circumstances.


When transferring your business, taxes will be your biggest cost – even if you exit the business before your death. Often 30% or less of the cash value of business assets remains available for distribution to beneficiaries if there has been no forethought! Without proper planning, your business and beneficiaries may also be ill-equipped to pay taxes and other costs at the time required.

We help reduce your tax burden with a plan that:
  • Results in the lowest taxes for your selected strategy, in full compliance with the Income Tax Act.
  • Incorporates the most cost-effective way to produce the cash needed to pay taxes, on time.



Threats to the continued viability of your business include the death, disability or retirement of shareholders and other key players. Signed and funded shareholder and other agreements protect against that risk. Risk mitigation often involves the use of savings and/or some form of insurance. 


Given his in-depth knowledge and experience, Harris can recommend the right insurance products to offset future obligations (such as loans and taxes), so that your beneficiaries receive all you intend. As an independent advisor, Harris’ insurance recommendations are not tied to a specific product or company. He suggests what you need to accomplish your objectives.


You already have trusted advisors (e.g., accountants, lawyers, investment professionals). We work with them to put in place the pieces of your strategy that go beyond the scope of the services your advisors provide.
When necessary, Harris also taps into his network of trusted professionals for additional specialized support. Enjoy peace of mind knowing you’ve done all you can to ensure an effective transfer of your assets to the next generation.
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You’re an accountant or lawyer, and a trusted advisor to your clients. You are an expert in the services you provide. However, certain areas, including trust and estate planning, and insurance, can get complicated. In some cases, you may require support from other qualified professionals, with specialized training and experience, to meet the needs of your business owner clients.

You’ve come to the right place!

Harris Jones’ professional background and training mean that he speaks your language. He understands the accounting and legal ramifications of the various tools and techniques you will explore together on your client’s behalf – a rare and refreshing advantage in the advisory world.

At HarrisJones Advisory, we know you have invested in relationships with your clients over time. We respect those relationships and enhance them by helping you provide clients with the full service they deserve. Our aim is to make you even more valuable to your client than you already are.

When you collaborate with HarrisJones Advisory, your accounting or legal services continue as usual and we provide speciality services as needed. While working with you, HarrisJones Advisory can take the lead or assume a support role – whatever it takes to get the best outcome for your client. We can also tap into Harris’ extensive network of professionals with deep knowledge in particular fields for additional specialized support. If you have already embarked on some planning for your client, we can adapt our services and your techniques to provide a unified, comprehensive strategy. Let’s investigate the options together.

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